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Fair Trade

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According to the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), there are 10 Principles which are strictly followed by all Fair Trade Organisations all over the world.They are:

Standard One: Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers  
Standard Two: Transparency and Accountability  
Standard Three: Trading Practices 
Standard Four: Payment of a Fair Price  
Standard Five: Child Labour and Forced Labour  
Standard Six: Non Discrimination, Gender Equity. 
Standard Seven: Working Conditions  
Standard Eight: Capacity Building  
Standard Nine: Promotion of Fair Trade  
Standard Ten: Environment 

Equitable Marketing Association, or EMA as it is widely known, has always made a sincere effort to use those principles as a guideline, and implement them. However, EMA feels there is always room for improvement in whatever it does, and keeps up a sustained effort to do so. It is this sincerity and transparency which has earned EMA its fine reputation.

Our Producers

Our producers comprise poor artisans, farmers, craftspersons, weavers, women and small producers for whom survival is an ongoing battle. Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) places the products made by these artisans from villages and small towns on an international platform.

EMA Centre

Nestled in the sylvan surroundings of Village Uttarbhag, in South Ramnagar, Baruipur is EMA Development Centre. That is some 40 km from central Kolkata, West Bengal.
The campus is sprawled over a 7-acre area, and stands with a quiet pride as a symbol of creative talent and dignity of labour.